Manners Are Important | Baby Board Book

Manners Are Important | Baby Board Book


Written by Todd Snow

Illustrated by Carrie Hartman

Age Range:  2 - 5 years

Board Book - Hardcover

Publisher:  Maren Green Publishing. Inc (2007)

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Manners matter, and even very young children can learn the basics. A child's first book about polite behavior, Manners Are Important uses simple rhymes and fun, colorful pictures to introduce social skills that make life more pleasant for everyone.

This bright, sturdy board book guides little ones through proper table manners (use your inside voice, stay in your seat, don't talk with food in your mouth), meeting and greeting others, asking permission to play with someone else's toys, saying "Please" and "Thank you," waiting to speak instead of interrupting, saying "I'm sorry" when you make a mistake and sneezing into your sleeve. (Spreading germs is rude, too!)