Gordy and the Magic Diet | Picture Book

Gordy and the Magic Diet | Picture Book


Written by April Runge and Kim Diersen

Illustrated by Carrie Hartman

Age Range: 4 - up


Publisher: Special Kids Enterprises LP (2012)

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Gordy and the Magic Diet is a triumphant story of one boys' journey initiating a restrictive diet so that he can be like other children happy and healthy. In the story, Gordy thinks he has a monster living inside him. His monster symbolizes the negative behavioral, physical, and emotional reactions the he experiences in response to certain foods. With the encouragement of his doctor, Gordy starts a special diet a Magic Diet--in hopes of quieting his monster. Gordy learns how to have courage and willpower as he chooses to eat foods that help him feel great. Suitable for any types of medically related restricted diets like allergies and food sensitivities, autism, celiac disease, diabetes, epilepsy, metobolic conditions, etc.