You get to know Carrie by the work in UUPP. It is full of whimsical work about some of life’s simple joys; from enjoying your family and friends, to faith and love, warm things baking in the oven, her beloved coffee that she is addicted to and (sigh...) her endless devotion to Mr. Darcy. She lets herself dream, allows silliness and humor to sneak in, while at times balancing serious themes that lend encouragement for life's bumps. All in all, Carrie remains curious, each day. 





:::  ABOUT UUPP  :::

UUPP is a lively visual brand of art designs, greeting cards and paper goods. They have been creating original designs since they launched in 2010. It was founded by illustrator and designer, Carrie Hartman. 

Already having a busy freelance illustration practice, Carrie knew she always wanted to branch off and start a venture of her own. She describes UUPP as "her playground". She didn't overly worry about what she should make for the line. Rather, she created work for UUPP by investigating different visual themes that intrigued her; things she loves and finds interesting and quirky. 



Carrie is influenced by vintage and midcentury imagery and patterns. She enjoys working in a variety of ways. Sometimes combining original drawings or paintings, hand lettering, typography and pops of playful color. Carrie's work from UUPP, has been featured in national and international magazines, design blogs and in select galleries around the world. 

She is thrilled that what began as her "playground", has been a place that has been well received from buyers and retailers all over the world.  She is immensely grateful for that. She does think we all need to laugh more in this life and enjoy the simple things each day.

And she still remains very, very curious...